• Family Chords

    12 November 2019

    Harmony: “the blending of simultaneous sounds of different pitches or quality”. Harmonies can turn a good song into a great song. Harmony can be considered as a concept to aim for in family life: Different temperaments, personalities, preferences blended together to become something better than the sum of their parts. All members of the family respected, allowed to be themselves and learning the ‘filler’ of life – how to all get along together. Harmony at home brings flow to life.…

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  • In the In-between

    5 October 2019

    Flexibility for the in-between, Never a forte of mine. A bit of both, a Wonderland dream, A transitional unclean drawn line. This season of two seasons, This home ours but not home, This unsettled life with reason, Letting go to grow, restrict to roam. Be gentle on yourselves, they say and I know, Nature’s energy shifting, coinciding with place. Waning to Wax, receding to grow, Saturday morning pancakes in the in-between.

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  • For the Love of Learning

    28 September 2019

    Article published in Learning Through Living magazine. Through my getting reacquainted with learning I have rediscovered love. A love I can show myself by following my interests with no regard to a quantifiable product at the end

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  • Learning to Learn

    5 August 2019

    “What did you learn today?”, “That’s a beautiful picture!”, “Do you know your alphabet?”, “Have you visited….?”, “How did you get on?”, “Tell me what you know about….” Some of these may sound familiar. You may have been asked them, asked them yourself or heard family members asking your children. Whilst they may be indicative of interest, what do they all have in common? A focus on end results, final product, completion, achievement. What if education wasn’t seen as moving…

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  • Wild + Free

    28 May 2019

    After lots of questions about what the Wild + Free conference I attended last weekend was all about, and finding myself struggling to put it into a snappy summary, I decided to capture my reflections on the beautifully interconnected web of ideals, practices and intentions the hearts of the speakers had shared. (Turns out even the Wild + Free website needs a few paragraphs to describe themselves!) Although the majority of Wild + Free members are home schooling/educating, no specific…

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  • Introversion

    8 September 2018
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  • Intuition – for an authentic holistic life

    5 September 2018

    Article published on Holistic Kitchen’s blog, ‘Holistic’, to me, means integrating all the parts into the whole; we cannot be whole without knowing all parts of ourselves.

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  • Tongue of Lace

    12 August 1997

    A tongue of lace, tied or crafted to others, delicate and skilled, created to encase the heart with words, not emotions, each beat a ripple of lace giving rise to more, lied untolds. Eyelids of petals to cover the splendour of sights seen only inside a knowledgeable form, hidden from others. Lips of a victim to speak when desired, not forced to silence by ugly demands. The body of a dream in a casing of a miracle. The body created…

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