Hi! I’m Hannah, an over-thinker, over-feeler, lover of words. My childhood was spent reading, and now I seem to process all shades of my life through writing, especially poetry.

I find joy in cups of perfectly brewed tea in the right mug, spring and autumn sunny breezy days, laying on the grass under a tree, walks in the forest, big hugs with good friends, kitchen dance parties, paddling in streams, swimming in the sea, rockpools, nachos, sticky toffee pudding, watching swallows, scented roses and honeysuckle, having my house all to myself (esp. if it’s already tidy!), my bed, slippers, writing and my children when they’re loving on each other. 

Random facts about me – I’m a recovering bookaholic (trying to slow down and absorb all I read now), I used to be able to shake my eyes, I had a childhood crush on BraveStarr and I like a good ASMR video before bed!

I live on the edge of The New Forest on the south coast of England. I’m married to my best friend and husband, Kai (we’ve been together since we were 15yrs) and we have two children, Sam (9) and Fae (5). We are a home educating family trying to keep alive the spark of loving learning and engaging with the world, each other and ourselves. I’m a self-confessed Enneagram 6w5, HSP and ISTJ, so can usually be found sipping tea, whilst trying to navigate parenting and home educating two strong spirits full-time(ish). I’m very fortunate that Kai works from home so he’s living life with us day-to-day and hands-on with their education too.

We live in a beautiful part of the world, and are fortunate to be able to enjoy the expanse of The New Forest with its woods, streams and heathlands, as well as being minutes from The Solent and stunning beaches and marshes. We loosely weave Charlotte Mason’s principles into our home and approaches to learning, as well as falling down rabbit holes, delving into projects and having lots of unstructured play and outdoor time. The kids attend Forest School home ed sessions one day a week. We’re very blessed to have brought our kids up with many other local families who are on similar education and life journeys as us.

So at this time in my life my writings are varied and may cover motherhood, womanhood, parenting, education, nature, seasonal rhythms and personal development.