That September Feeling

26 August 2020

Our kids don’t think in ‘terms’. They don’t think of curriculum or standards or ‘catching up’. They don’t think about pressure to perform, how they look to peers or which grades things they produce will achieve.

But every summer, as we naturally ease up table time, and increase time outdoors or lounging with stories, I increase my time reflecting on who our kids currently are. What makes them tick? How do they like to pick up skills and knowledge? Where can I push myself to be a better coach and cheerleader? And I itch to pick up some fresh books, games and stationary!

Usually, as a family we open a box of these goodies to celebrate the start of September and our move towards Autumn. It brings a refreshing of the energy towards learning together and our being at home more. But to be honest we’ve been sliding into a nice rhythm here the last few weeks, with the loose framework of Brave Writer’s Dart as a catalyst. So as Daddy was off work today, and no-one was in the headspace for our usual morning time, we cracked open the box early and spent a blissful hour pursuing and playing. And they picked the items I intended for each of them, and they’re excited to spend the next few months enjoying the rest of the spread. Which I hope means my August of reflecting was productive. Grade A+, merits, payrise to Mummy!

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